American Racing | Time to become real NASCAR champion
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American Racing

American Racing

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How to play

American Racing Game Controls Use arrow keys to play this game and press Space for boost.

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American Racing

American Racing game - be the fastest

American Racing online will allow you to fully enjoy the drive. You get a prize for every race. The better position at finish you have, the more money you get. Money can be spent on upgrades for your car.

Goal of the American Racing game is to win races, to unlock new tracks, as well as to take part in the championship. Don’t have to always finish first. At the beginning of each race you can see what is the minimum position to move on to another level. If you take that position (or higher), the next tracks and a cash prize is guaranteed. Still, for the first place you'll get a lot more money. Accordingly you will be able to upgrade your car faster. Improvements to enhance the car's performance, such as the power of the engine, aerodynamics, tires, offroad, strength and boost. Still, try to be one of the best. If you successfully cope with the tasks of the race, then surely the right people will find you and sponsor you. The car will receive the original sponsor stickers as well as cash prizes for your victories. So success depends on your desire to win.

There are different types of races. Two basic races in the game are race against other racer where you all compete for the first position. And second type of race is race where you have to collect some objects, the more the better. If you achieve first position or collect necessary amount of objects you will get a money prize.

How to play American Racing games

Collisions in this game will not do any good to you and your car. Be careful not to break the car and always make sure you keep the distance. In order to overtake the opponent you can stay behind his car so the air flow doesn’t stop you car and then when the time is right use boost to pass. This trick will allow you to stay ahead of rivals on the track.

Nitro is what will help you win. It gives boost to your car. Liquid nitrogen is accumulated by itself, it does not need to be refueled.

Try to stay on the asphalt and always avoid going on the grass as it will significantly slow you down. You lose precious seconds while regaining the speed, but you might not be able to regain lost position. After all, no one will succumb. Be careful while overtaking the opponents. It is fun to play American Racing 1, because all the cars are equipped with nitro boost. Control the car with the help of arrows. Hold spacebar for boost.

Get ready for extreme driving and big cash prizes. Cars develop incredible speed, be vigilant and watch out when you're on the tracks of Nascar. An incredible number of trails, fascinating story all this is game.

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