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Neon Race 2

Neon Race 2

: 2655

How to play

Neon Race 2 Game Controls Use keyboard to play this game, press - N, X and Space.

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Neon Race 2

Neon Race 2.0 is simple and addictive

Action, adrenaline, turbo, drive - these are the words fit in the description of this incredible racing game. Be careful during the Neon Race 2, stay away from blue cars in order not crush into them, crush Red car and receive nitrogen for your turbo boost and try to catch as many yellow enemies, crush them down and get all of theirs nitrogen. Collect bonuses on the road, such as evasion from police. Police is another opponent, who tries to stop you or throw off the road, but we all know who is tougher. To accelerate the use turbo, but be careful not to fly off the track. Improve your car to be even faster. In Neon Race 2.0 everything you need to improve in your car is available like acceleration, top speed, steering and turbo boost.

Destroy as many yellow enemies as you can in Neon Race 2 game. The game has 15 different tracks created in very cool style that will not allow you to fall asleep at the wheel of a racing car. By the way you have a choice of 10 iconic vehicles among which there is even a motorbike and a police car. Try to use your car to the capacity to be at finish line right on time. Play Neon Race 2 and be undefeated.

Dive into Tron like atmosphere

Most of you probably have seen recent movie Tron and maybe even some of you have seen the original 1982 movie. Well you probably admired the cool neon motorcycles in the movie, in this game you have a chance to try them for yourself. The truth is you will be racing cars and not motorcycles, but they still look very cool and unusual. So enjoy the game.

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