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Car Eats Car

Car Eats Car

: 2577

How to play

Car Eats Car Controls Use arrow keys to play. Z - bombs, X - boost.

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In this game you will have to deal with a lot of problems. Old pickup trucks want to eat your car, there are a lot of them, so it's just not easy. To pass all the locations you will need to show dexterity and ingenuity. Sixteen levels of the game will bring only positive emotions and good mood.

You will love Car Eats Car game

You start the journey in the desert, the conditions are very dangerous and they don’t give a chance to most opponents. Levels in these locations will not be overcrowded with predatory pickup trucks. Sand dunes will not greatly complicate movement. But boxes, empty bottles and old skulls of bison will create some inconveniences. Due to such conditions, there is no time to fight, do not expect weapons and other gadgets at the beginning of the game. The desert is not the hardest place to play, there will be many difficulties and surprises ahead.

Car Eats CarCar Eats Car 1Car Eats Car game

Car Eats Car unblocked will give you an opportunity to visit Las Vegas, three levels will be held at this location. The traffic flow here will be much greater, you will begin to meet enemies right in the beginning of your path. Those who you need to get rid of, as before, constantly attack the transport under your leadership. In the left corner, on the top of the screen there is a score counter, collect the stars and deal with the aggressors. When you finish the level, depending on the number of points earned, you will be awarded with a reward. You can get a gold, silver or bronze car, they show the level of skill that you demonstrated during the walkthrough of a particular level. Above the screen you can see the scale, on it there is a movable car. With its help you can find out the length of the route and the distance that you need to overcome on the way to the finish. A little bit below there is very interesting information. Look at the amount of available boost and the level of reliability of the car. In Las Vegas, there are special road signs, drive alongside them and you will have a turbo acceleration. A huge turbine will come out from the car, it will help to fly over obstacles. On the following levels, it will be possible to drop bombs. Choose the boxes with the depiction of the explosives. First aid kits will help repair the car. Stars increase the number of points earned.

Features of the game

The atmosphere of the Car Eats Car 1 deserves the highest ratings. Each location has its own peculiarities. Birds hovering in the sky drop various objects on the ground. You can get hit with bomb or you can actually pick up the star. At the final level, the reward will be precious stones and abandoned city will become place of action. In conditions like this, it will be very difficult to play, everything around is teeming with mean pickup trucks. Manage the red car and try to survive. Crazy jumps and constant danger can tickle your nerves.

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