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American Racing 2

American Racing 2

: 2759

How to play

American Racing 2 Controls WASD — movements. Space, Х, Ctrl - boost.

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American Racing 2 game is a real challenge

In order to win all races you will need to work hard and constantly improve the car. The whole season is waiting for you, show good results and stay at the top of the leaderboard. Participate in different races, where you have to show real skill in order to win. The number of laps and prizes often sets a strict rhythm, in which one must be very persistent from the first seconds. Events are marked in a special calendar, you can not go through all the tasks, but for greater profit it's worthwhile to put it to the full.

American Racing 2American Racing 2 gameAmerican Racing 2 online

American Racing 2 sets the new standard, you definitely will like the graphics and physics. Twelve race tracks are ready to accept the brave racers, set a new record on each of them. You can call yourself a good racer if you complete all the tasks and will receive all the achievements from the list. Save ten thousand dollars in the bank or defeat five hundred vehicles of rivals during the career. Play for an hour or over fifty laps. All this and much more must be done to obtain various achievements. Look at your statistics, it has a lot of useful information. Find out how many events passed, how much damage was inflicted, and time played. Some of the latest levels are preparing a completely different game, on the road you will find modern technology and supernatural guests.

Welcome to the great world of American Racing

The race itself is quite an amusing process, the creators have tried very hard. The dynamic camera adds a drive, the effects while you are using nitro are just impressive. You can take the opponent off the track, he will forever leave the race, and you will lose a bumper or a fender. Good graphics will allow you to clearly see any crush. During crashes you can earn points, approach the finish line and sweep away all in your path. Remember money should be spent on new upgrades.

An excellent part of the game American Racing 2 is tuning, you need a lot of money for all the improvements from the garage. After each race you can change the transport. The best engine will increase power, and a new nitro will increase the acceleration time. The fairing and tires also need to be bought, these parts will increase speed and grip. Increase the reliability of your car, it will get less damage and increase the stability on the roads.

Track races on cool cars are very exciting, become a master of your craft and the best on the road. You will like all aspects of the game and will definitely have a good time.

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