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Smash Palace

Smash Palace

: 1801

How to play

Smash Palace Arrow keys - control the car. "Х" - bonus, "Z" - boost.

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Play Smash Palace to survive

The game will bring a lot of positive emotions to all fans of cars and extreme sports, drive a car and be prepared for anything. Many good drivers will recklessly ram into you trying to win in tough conditions.

Play Smash Palace on 12 basic and 3 bonus levels, bonus levels need to be purchased for points and money. Go through the levels and unlock new cars, cars can be bought and improved. You will have to walk a tough path from rookie to professional, then there will be a choice of 4 cars. Under each level, there is a scale, it shows how many points you need to earn in the current season.

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Smash Palace game is excellent

Round Arena, a huge number of cars, each fights only for himself, this is what Smash Palace is. Your task is to fight to the end when there will be only one car standing. You need to constantly ram into opponents, hit them at high speed for more damage. Arena is not very easy, you can either die from it or benefit from its bonuses. Look for black circles on the ground, there will be a countdown on them and then a gift from the arena. Alarm icon will allow you to disable nearby rivals, beware of airplane icon it shows when bombing starts. Skull allows you to throw an explosive. Saw icon equips your vehicle with sharp circular saws, you can cut someone else's car. Everything is possible in ruthless Smash Palace game. To activate these abilities you click on X button. You can also refill nitro or fix you car with some bonuses. You can increase the damage done by one of these bonuses. This game will surprise you at each new level, there are a lot of dangerous surprises.

There are a lot of options in this car derby. You can upgrade your car. Choose the color and improves the performance, then your play will be much more effective. Buy a new engine and a protective frame, add tires and a new transmission. Also, spend money to find better sponsors. You will enjoy Smash Palace games, you will get a positive charge of adrenaline and will have a great time.

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