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Bomb It 4

Bomb It 4

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How to play

Bomb It 4 Game Controls Use arrow keys to play this game and press Space for action

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Bomb It 4

In this game you get paid for every victory. If you don’t like the outfit of your hero you can buy a new one. So the functionality goes beyond just simple gameplay it expands outwards.

Bomb It 4 game modes

First mode is arcade and your task is to kill all enemies and they are very hostile. Each of them can kill you. You have to move all the time, being in the constant motion is the key to success or somebody will blow you up. Your weapons will be a wooden hammer and a feeble bomb. Don’t waste no time and explode the obstacles and look for improvements under them. In the beginning of each level there is a 3 minute timer with backward countdown, if you survive for this 3 minutes it is an automatic victory for you.

In the Battle Royale mode of Bomb It 4 game actions take place in the arena. You have to kill 10 enemies. Of all the weapons you only have a wooden hammers. Do not rush to attack immediately. Wait until a certain point and then attack. This mode will require the dexterity of your character and resolute action.

The third mode of Bomb It 4 is called coin collector. Moving on the level you need to find coins. There will be a lot of obstacles around you explode them with bombs and check their content. Here you will have three opponents, if you destroy them you will get bonus points. The game ends when somebody picks up the last coin, after that the winner is defined by calculation of the coins. Only the fastest and most agile will win.

Do not stop improving yourself

Play Bomb It 4 in the last mode called Tile Tag. Your task is not easy. Here you will have three opponents. You will need to paint the floor in your colour, but at the same time your enemies will be doing the same thing. Whoever colours the most tiles wins.

This game will be interesting for both children and adults. Gripping story and diversity of game modes is a real fun. Tune in to win and start playing now.

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