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Bomb it 1

Bomb it 1

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How to play

Bomb it 1 Game Controls Use arrow keys to play this game and press Space for action

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Bomb it 1

Bomb it 1 game is fun

Positive emotions are guaranteed, the Bomb it game has colorful levels and amusing characters that explode everything. You will play as little droid, which plants bombs that explode after some time. Your task is to move the character on the map you need to blow up the boxes to get special bonuses to improve the abilities of the character. There will be enemies on your way, they need to be destroyed. Goal of the game is to destroy all the enemies and stay alive.

Play with family and friends

In the beginning you need to choose a character. 4 robot will be provided to choose from. Now you are ready to destroy enemies and get points. But it is not that easy as it might seem at first glance. Game levels look like mazes. There are many obstacles that can be easily removed with the help of bombs. Fortunately the supply of bombs is neverending. Collect bonuses, they may be found in the places of obstacles or can simply appear elsewhere. Such bonuses mean more opportunities for your character. Every bonus increases your chances of winning. You can monitor the achievements of the opponents during the game. The level lasts 3 minutes. During this time you need to get as many points as you can. If you are tired of playing against the computer, then play Bomb It with family and friends in the mode for two players.

Let’s talk about bonuses available in the game. There are improvements that increase the explosive power of bombs planted by you. It can also be a bonus, which will give you more time to use special weapons. There are improvements that increase the speed of the character. After all, in this game speed and maneuverability is important. You can get the ability to move the bomb. This helps in cases when enemy drove you into a trap, blocking the way on all sides. Each character can take damage only 1 time. The second time, the character will die. Try to get more points. The game stops when you killed all the enemies or when you ran out of time. Enjoy Bomb It two player games.

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