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Bomb It 6

Bomb It 6

: 1524

How to play

Bomb It 6 Game Controls Use arrow keys to play this game and press Space for action

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Bomb It 6 is even more colorful now

There are five different modes in game Bomb It 6. Arcade is a battle, where you need to kill all the enemies and thus win. Battle Royale your goal is to destroy 10 enemies. Green Zone, you will need to occupy ten green zones on the map. Survive, be the last one standing and resist until the end. Treasure trail, the one who will bring 100 coins first will win. Also in Bomb It 6 game you can choose the arena, which will hold your battle. You can choose from the following arenas: bathroom, castle, garden, picnic, polar region, aquarium, baseball field, farm and dollhouse. In game Bomb it 6 you have an opportunity to choose the number of levels from five to twenty, the number of enemies from one to three and single-user mode or mode for two players. Also at any time you can increase or decrease the difficulty level.

Are you ready for the destruction

Following objects can be found in the game: bombs, power ups, + 10% speed, extra life, shield, gloves, invulnerability. Available weapons: Super gloves, time bomb, flamethrower, lightning hammer, laser, super-hammer. Among transport you will have: frog, tractor, walrus and skateboard. It is more fun to play Bomb It 6 with such a variety of weapon, vehicles and bonuses.

Usually you need to blow up your opponent to win in Bomb it 6 online, but in some cases you need to win by points. Choose the game plot, character, and explode everything around you. Use bombs and other weapons to kill the enemy, otherwise they will do it with you. Do not forget to pick up icons to improve your character. Enjoy the game.

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