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Snail Bob 4

Snail Bob 4

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How to play

Snail Bob 4 Controls Use mouse and arrow keys to play this game. Press Space to stop Bob

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Snail Bob 4

Snail Bob 4 is endless fun

One evening snail was sitting on his chair in front of TV, watching a program about the rocket taking off into space. Judging by the many space knickknacks in his room, we can safely assume that he had been dreaming of flying beyond our atmosphere. Moreover, he even sent the questionnaire to the space center for review. He dreamed of becoming an astronaut. This is how this games begins.

Suddenly the phone rang. It was none other than the head of the space center, who picked candidates for the flights. He told Bob, that he was hired and can begin to prepare for a long journey. Our hero was incredibly glad to hear the news. It was a dream come true! He packed his stuff, took the suit and raced to meet the dream.

Snail Bob 4 game is very interesting

After a short training for astronauts at the space center, Bob mastered all the necessary skills for the flight. Undoubtedly our Snail is a worthy candidate for a flight into space, but such a journey heralds many dangers. And finally he was allowed to fly into space. Snail Bob 4 game begun when his space ship collided with aliens, and he crashed on a strange, distant planet. But this was not the end of the horrors. This planet was inhabited by evil humanoids who eat snails.

Snail Bob 4 walkthrough

In this game, our hero has learned to turn off gravity, and can float in zero gravity, overcoming obstacles. As before, you need to use your mouse to click buttons and levers that control the mechanisms that will help Bob to get to the end of the level. At any time, you can click on the shell and the snail Bob will stop. If our hero moves too slowly, you can speed up him by using the acceleration, this makes it more fun to play Snail Bob 4 Space.

In general, we can say that Snail Bob 4 online is really involving. And if you like tricky games, then this one if right for you. In case you are facing some difficulties or just want to have a quick look at the gameplay watch Snail Bob 4 walkthrough.

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