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Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7

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How to play

Snail Bob 7 Controls Use mouse and arrow keys to play this game. Press Space to stop Bob

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Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

It all began when our hero was in his bedroom in bed and was reading fantastic stories about dragons and knights. His friend ant slept beside him in his basket. On the wall hung a portrait of his great-grandfather, who apparently was a knight and adventurer. Most likely our hero got such a love for adventures from his ancestors. From all those exciting stories in the book, he himself began to dream about how he fights the dragon and defeats him. This is how Snail Bob 7 game begins.

After reading and dreaming a lot, he put out the candle and fell asleep. But this is just the beginning. In a magical way, he was transferred to another dimension. Once in an unknown world, he changed his favorite nightcap to a knight's helmet and set out on a dangerous journey.

Help the brave clam to go through all the levels and defeat the dragon. This adventure will be unforgettable for both Bob and you. The episode can really be called a real fantastic story, because it is full of unexpected twists, fairy-tale characters and interesting solutions.

Snail Bob 7 online time to fight a dragon

The new levels are very exciting, interesting and diverse. This time there are 30 of them in total. The game developer really worked hard on inventing new obstacles, traps, monsters and ways of passing. You will meet ghosts, which can be overcome by clicking on them, evil bees, which should be avoided. Even the dark graf Dracula can be met in one of the levels. You will not be able to defeat him but you can scare him away with garlic. Still there is an opportunity to fly in Snail Bob 7 online, by turning into a bee, the only thing is you will need to carefully monitor where our character flies or you can burn his wings in the lava.

The novelty is also that now the U-turn can be done whenever you want, rather than on special platforms. You just need to click on the special button on the panel at the top. The acceleration button is located there as well. Stop our hero by a space or by clicking on him.

In addition it will be possible to control a toddler ant (assistant of snail). He will save Bob more than once in difficult situations. You will be able click on the desired button with the help of ant, in the part of the labyrinth where snail can not reach.

As in the previous parts at each level you need to collect three stars to get the maximum number of points. In total you can collect 90 points.

Play Snail Bob 7 and share with your favorite character his dreams, which turned into reality.

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