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Snail Bob 8

Snail Bob 8

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How to play

Snail Bob 8 Controls Use mouse and arrow keys to play this game. Press Space to stop Bob

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Snail Bob 8

All fans of this series of games were eagerly awaiting the release of a new episode. And finally here comes a new Snail Bob 8 game. This is long-awaited continuation of one of the most successful and popular games online.

Snail Bob 8 us tells the island story

This time Snail Bob 8 ended up on the mysterious island full of indigenous people, now he has to escape it and prove that he is the best. Although he started his trip as winter fishing with his grandfather, but cunning enemies cut off the ice he was standing on and brought him to the warmer regions, where our hero will overcome all obstacles without fear.

The essence of the game remained the same. You pass the level and along the way you are collecting stars that are skillfully hidden. Sometimes they are hidden behind various plants in the background, wrapped in web, and sometimes they are hidden behind game characters: moths, monsters. The number of stars collected determines your rating, three stars is the maximum. But you should try to find stars as quickly as possible since the protagonist, although being snail but moves forward quite fast. Though you can just stop him for a while and carefully look through the location.

How to Play Snail Bob 8

It is necessary to coordinate Bob and interactive objects in the game. Sometimes you have to speed up the platform so that our hero does not fall into quicksand. Sometimes you have to destroy the obstacles with a gun to go further. With the space bar you can hide in your shell from your enemies.

Snail Bob 8 Game

The same action can be done by clicking on the mollusk with the left button of mouse. You will be chased by the aborigines of the island who will be throwing spears. They will gladly take care of the meat on the belly. Sometimes you need to hide, and sometimes just turn on high-speed mode and run to the exit.

Also in one of the levels our character will be in a bubble. The higher the level, the more more difficult it gets as well as more obstacles will occur. Starting at level 9, getting out will not be so easy.

Snail Bob 8 online will be fun for children, but the smallest ones will experience some difficulties, since the game requires concentration and quick response. But for adults this game will seem very entertaining, because it requires to resort to logical thinking, to solve puzzles, to come up with a way out of difficult situations. Calculation and thoughtfulness of actions are necessary.

Snail Bob 8 Island Story is available for free on our website at any time convenient for you. Enjoy the continuation of your favorite game series.

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