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Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2

: 2498

How to play

Snail Bob 2 Game Controls Use mouse and arrow keys to play this game. Press Space to stop Bob

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Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2 game will save you from boredom

Snail Bob 2 game begins with a usual day at Bob’s house. The window was open when gust of wind tore three sheets with numbers from the calendar. It turned out that it was the fourth day of the month not first, which meant that today is grandfather’s birthday. Bob immediately began to think about a present for his beloved grandfather. Bob started to look for something all over the house, when suddenly he saw a pot for plants. He knew that gramps will definitely like the present. But now was the hard part, to get to grandfather’s house which was on the other end of the kingdom. And the path there is hard and full of dangers.

Our hero will face lot dangerous adventures while traveling to his grandfather’s house. He will meet cockroaches that love snail soup and robot snail, who wants Bob’s shell.

What to expect from Snail Bob 2 online

Bob will need to control the ants while dodging fireballs, push the caterpillar, jump the gap with the help of weights, fly with a leaf parachute, bypass carnivorous flowers, control the flow of air coming from the fan to reach the exit. Play Snail Bob 2 to have a lot of fun but make sure you reach gramps’ house on time.

Why Snail Bob 2 is so exciting?

As you know main character is going to visit his grandpa for his birthday. In order to overcome all the difficulties think frst. Properly use the mechanisms. Incorrect actions can lead to death of the hero. Remember that there is time countdown in the game. Try to pass the level as fast as possible. So you will be able to score more points.

There 25 exciting levels in this game. They all are different and diverse. In case you have problems, go ahead and watch Snail Bob 2 walkthrough.

Help our hero to get to to his grandfather and get lots of positive emotions. Snail Bob 2 birthday party is pure fun.

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