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Snail Bob 1

Snail Bob 1

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How to play

Snail Bob 1 Controls Use mouse and arrow keys to play this game. Press Space to stop Bob

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Snail Bob 1

Everyone can have a good time while playing Snail Bob. This is the very first episode of the game and it tells how the adventure began. So get yourself situated and start playing.

Snail Bob 1 in search of a new home

So this is how Snail Bob 1 story begins. It was the most normal day and nothing seemed to go wrong. Our hero only recently woken up and was sitting in front of an open window. He was in his purple nightcap and has just decided to have breakfast. For breakfast he ate beans (as well as for lunch and dinner), which he ate straight from tins with a big appetite.

But suddenly his meal was interrupted by incomprehensible noise. He looked out the window and saw a whole construction crew with equipment. They were headed towards his house creating an incredible roar. Snail was astonished by a huge weight for demolition which flew into his house.

Apparently his house interfered with the plans of a construction company that work in the area. Snail didn’t move out voluntarily when he was asked to, so nobody asked him twice. In less than a few minutes his house was destroyed and he was kicked by an excavator.

Frightened and covered in bruises, Bob1 was shocked by what happened. He took two suitcases with the most necessary things. Now he had no choice but try to find a new home. But everything around him was a big construction spot, he had to be very attentive.

How to play Snail Bob 1 game

Our hero will never make it alone, now he needs your help in his adventures. To help him you need to think logically and not to spend time in vain. After all Bob wants to find himself a new home as quickly as possible.

In Snail Bob 1 game your character is constantly moving forward. Sometimes he will have to stop in order to properly use the mechanisms. The time in the game is running backwards, so you are losing points all the time, don’t waste time and be quick. You will be awarded with bonuses for your speed. Activate acceleration button to move faster.

Watch Snail Bob walkthrough

Try to plan level ahead. After all any mistake may lead to the death of the protagonist. Failure to use the mechanisms will also lead to the death the hero.

Follow the advices and you will succeed. In case you have some difficulties in the game watch our Snail Bob walkthrough, it is really helpful.

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