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Red Ball 1

Red Ball 1

: 4786

How to play

Red Ball Game Controls W, A, S, D - move the ball, R - restart, P - pause, Esc - exit game.

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Red Ball 1 game: The Beginning of Adventure

The game has 17 unforgettable levels, with a variety of character and unique moments. Sometimes they are so complex that not every adult can go through them at once - this is the essence of the game. Only excitement and constant perfection of your fingers' dexterity will help to overcome all difficult tasks.

Red Ball 1 Red Ball 1 gameplay red ball

It can be quite difficult to play Red Ball in some situations, so the developers took care of the so-called checkpoints. In case of an error, you do not have to play over the level again, you will start from this very checkpoint, which is simply necessary and greatly helps. It looks like a small red flag, which will rise when the ball is near it. This will mean that the checkpoint is checked. You probably could already guess, that it is necessary not only to roll a ball, but also to overcome various obstacles and difficulties. You have to balance the ball standing on another ball, roll in the moving car and try not to fall out of it. You will dodge axes, jump over sharp spikes, roll through the rotating geometric objects. Also you will need to get to the first car of the train, this is a very difficult task. The situation is just like in westerns, only much less action, but this still does not make the gameplay less exciting.

The essence of Red ball online

The main task of the Red ball game is to roll the ball to the end of the level, which is indicated by a flag. You can play this exciting logic thinking game on our website, this game is guaranteed to occupy you for a long time. Fans of logic games and owners of fast fingers will definitely like it.

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