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Red Ball 3

Red Ball 3

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How to play

Red Ball 3 Game Controls W, A, S, D - move the ball, R - restart, P - pause, Esc - exit game.

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What Red Ball 3 game is about

The third part begins as a love story, our hero finds true love and they are already going to get married, when suddenly the evil black ball abducts his beloved. You have to release her from the captivity.

In this series of games, there is an excellent tendency to increase levels and improve graphics. Red Ball 3 online is not an exception to this rule. You will be able to play on 20 interesting levels, full of adventures and they will all be colorful and interesting. You will spend long hours playing this addicting game.

Red Ball 3 red ball 3 game play Red ball 3

What you need to do in Red Ball 3

The essence of the game Red ball 3 is pretty simple - you have to go through all the levels to the end. Any level consists of obstacles: air, surface and ground, as well as from checkpoints in the form of a small flag and finish line. On the way through the level you will need to collect stars to get points. There are gold (they are harder to get) and silver stars. Be ready to dive under the water, jump over thorns and precipices, dodge sharp axes and overcome obstacles in an attempt to get those coveted stars. Sometimes you will need to use various devices that will help to move forward on level. You will also need to think through your steps in advance, because as a rule, you will have only one attempt to grab the star.

Play Red Ball 3 as it is a very interesting and fun logic game that helps you to develop the flexibility in your fingers. Both adults and children will absolutely love to play this game and sometimes both will have to think carefully before overcoming this or that obstacle. But this is the whole point in this game. Towards the adventures!

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