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Red Ball 4 vol 1

Red Ball 4 vol 1

: 3032

How to play

Red Ball 4 vol 1 Controls W, A, S, D or arrow keys - move the ball, R -restart.

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Red ball 4 vol 1 is a new game from a series of red ball adventures. This time there is another villain Black Square against you, who wants to turn the whole world of red balls into a solid square. He is so evil that he wants to make even the Earth square, that's what our hero can let happen. Do not allow this catastrophe.

What's new in Red Ball 4 vol 1 game

In the Red Ball 4 game the number of levels has decreased, in comparison with the previous games, now there are only 15 of them. But this is compensated by the innovation in achievements. Now you have a unique table of the game's records. Now you can also set up points records by collecting stars.

Red Ball 4 vol 1 red ball 4 vol 1 Red Ball 4 

In Red ball vol 1 there are a whole lot of changes and additions. All of them are for the better. Now during the passage of the levels, you have to fight with enemies the evil black squares! But they can be neutralized by jumping on them, or crushing them with a box or a stone. So you shouldn’t be afraid of them, as they can easily be defeated.

Try your best in this red ball game

In this part of the game, the protagonist developed the fear of water, so it's best not get him wet. At the end of each level you will no longer be greeted by a red flag, which is not that important but still different. You can now interact with the world around you, which will help you to play the game and makes the process more exciting. For example, a mill will help you climb higher than you can jump. The face of the main hero is an indicator of how correctly you pass the level. If you do something wrong, the ball will make a sad face and you will have to start the level from the beginning or from the last checkpoint. At the end of the game you will have a surprise in the form of a enemy boss.

This part of the game is a perfect continuation of the series of games. The game evolved into a really big league of games and it is so popular online for a reason. It is worth noting that it has become easier to play, but that's why it attracts more fans. Enjoy this fun game.

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