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Red Ball 4 vol 3

Red Ball 4 vol 3

: 3049

How to play

Red Ball 4 vol 3 Controls W, A, S, D or arrow keys - move the ball, R - restart.

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Red Ball 4 vol 3

The last episode of this trilogy about the red ball, in this part he has to put an end to the insane plan of the black squares. It is not going to be easy, but it is totally worth it.

What's New in Red Ball Part 4 vol 3

The forest districts have turned into an industrial area, you will have to work in conditions of increased danger. Devices at the factory turn everything into square shaped objects, you need to stop their work and deal with the main villain. Red ball vol 3 prepares you for new interesting tasks and puzzles. The place is well protected by lasers and other tricks. You can be crushed by a giant press or blown up by a square-terminator, be very careful on the way to the main boss.

Red Ball 4: volume 3 is the last part of the game

15 levels are waiting for you again, and the last one is the level with the boss. A huge metal square with spikes will dodge your attacks, in every way trying to crush our hero. Many hydraulic presses and servants of the main square will act against you, turn their efforts into your own good. In this task you will have to show remarkable dexterity when before in situations like that you had only to think logically. Try to destroy the enemies, then in Red Ball 4 online everything will fall into place.

Graphics and physics in the last part are improved to the maximum. There are many objects to interaction with, look for ways to overcome obstacles on your way to victory. To control the ball press W, A, S, D buttons or arrow keys, the R key restarts the level. Use the restart after making mistakes to save your time. Logic game Red ball 4 part 3 is great for people of any age. You can entertain and train your brain at the same time.

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