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Red Ball 2

Red Ball 2

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How to play

Red Ball 2 Game Controls W, A, S, D - move the ball, R - restart, P - pause, Esc - exit.

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What's new in the Red Ball 2 game

The essence of the game pretty much remained the same but there are some new features that can not remain unnoticed. Traditional controls are arrow keys or W, A, S, D for movements. The "R" key will restart the level, do not waste time and after fatal errors immediately start again. When you need to take a break, press the "P" key - to pause, Esc - to exit.

Red ball 2 online is a continuation of the popular game. In the new part our ball hero received face that sometimes even expresses emotions, also graphics was improved in the new game and some new features were added as well. Now you do not just need to go through the level, but also collect all the stars. If you do not collect all the stars, then at the end of the level you will be disappointed. And the level will need to be replayed again. So be careful! Sometimes you have to solve small puzzles. As a rule, you just need to decide which sequence of movements is correct.

Red Ball 2 red ball 2 game play red ball 2

How to play Red Ball 2

The main idea of the game Red ball 2 in this part has not changed, as before you need to get to the big flag at the end of each level. You still need to overcome all kinds of obstacles. It is worth noting that the initial levels became a little shorter and easier, so the checkpoints were removed, so the entire level should be taken from the same attempt. And by the end of the game the checkpoint will appear. There are more levels, now there are exactly twenty of them. In this version of the game, emphasis was placed on the logical passage of the game. So this means that you might have to replay the entire level from the beginning, just because you might have made the wrong decision at the start.

This game is as interesting as in the previous part. The developers tried to improve physics and graphics in general. The game became more colorful and now the story has beginning and the end. It is time to show them who the real red ball king.

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