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Hobo 5

Hobo 5

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How to play

Hobo 5 Controls A, S - use, blow. D - combo. Arrow keys - move, quickly press twice - run. P - pause, watch the combo.

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Hobo 5

After all the accidents in the world, the protagonist gets into space. In Hobo 5 is our hero who was kidnapped by aliens. Extraterrestrial beings with their technologies, made a lot of clones of our favorite hero. But copies are known to often be far from the original.

Hobo 5 game is still brutal

Hobo manages to escape from the purple men, when they looked at his skills and achievements. This experiment was the last in the laboratory as our hero showed his skills live. Now you need to plan an escape from Hobo 5 game. But on the hostile planet even Hobo is not as tough as he used to. In Hobo 5 you are initially allowed to use only the most simple combos. You will have to train a lot to use all of them. Without all the best combo attacks it will be impossible to finish the game.

Controls of Hobo games 5

Controls of Hobo games 5 are carried out on the keyboard. To move use arrow keys. Press A and S to attack, or to pick up something useful. Press button D in addition to A and S, is used for combo attacks. Press P for pause and to check available combos. To run faster press arrow key twice.

At the end of Hobo 5 Space Brawl you will face the Boss, who is the smartest of all aliens. He is well protected by the clones of Hobo. They look just like our hero and they are pretty much as tough as he is, but you are more experienced now and you can easily destroy the machine that makes clones. Now you are more dangerous than ever. In Hobo games 5 the time has come to teach aliens a lesson.

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