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Siegius Arena

Siegius Arena

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How to play

Siegius Arena Controls Arrows for movement. Z, X - blows, C - elixir, V - magic.

Siegius Arena is a game that simply takes you back in the days of ancient Rome. Become a hero of gladiatorial battles on three arenas, the main one has a proud and mighty name "Colosseum".

Become the best in Siegius Arena game

Our hero is a very brave and strong, but to succeed in contests and to get the respect of people you will have to work very hard. Firstly, in the battles you have to be quick to react to attacks of rival. Secondly, you need to have a good weapon and good armor. Doing everything right you will be able to fully enjoy this fighting game.

Siegius Arena play Siegius Arena Siegius arena game

Siegius arena game consists of three locations. The first one is a combat arena, here you can arrange new fights, in fact this is the only place to make money. Go through the levels and get access to battles on new arenas. The second location is Roman market, here you can purchase all the necessary things for the fights. The store are well-equipped and have a lot to offer. Boots, capes, helmets and armor are available for your protection. Gunsmith is where you make the choice that will determine the style of your attacks. Shield weapon is a one-handed weapon and a shield. Dual weapons are used when you need to act quickly. The most powerful are Heavy weapons like axes or hammers. Money made in Siegius arena game should be spent on remedy and magic as well. Don’t forget to buy some potion and to learn magic spells.

How to play Siegius Arena

First of all, the controls are carried out the keyboard and you will use mouse only in the menu. So it is quite easy to play Siegius Arena. Navigate using the arrow keys. Z is used for attacks, X is used to block and counterattack. C button is responsible for the use of elixirs and V press to attack enemies with magic. When you kill a lot of enemies while on the arena you will collect points, that are reflected on the right side of the screen. When that scale is full press space to activate beast mode, where you will move super fast.

Siegius Arena game is very interesting and exciting, improve the hero and win it brings a lot of fun. Game a vast variety of weapon, armor and spells which only makes it more exciting. So go ahead and become the champion of the arena.

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