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How to play

Hobo Controls Manage the game using the arrows. To accelerate, press the left or right arrow twice. P - pause and view combos, A - punch, S - kick.

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Hobo game

Hobo is a very unusual game. You play as vagabond or simply homeless guy, whose main task is to fight with everyone, using very obscene methods. Due to explicit content we would not advise Hobo for kids, but for adults it is quite possible to enjoy and sometimes it will make you laugh.

Hobo game - bum does some crazy stuff

Tolerance is definitely not what you are going to face in Hobo game. The game if full of sucker punches. Though they are totally inappropriate in real life, they are pretty normal for this game.

There are several locations in Hobo online. You will start at the dump and will move forward through parks and streets. Most of the opponents are easy to defeat, really difficult opponent is the boss - the scavenger on a garbage truck. He will throw trash cans at you. Get ready to act immediately, you must attack right away and be sure to use all of your powers.

Hobo 1 features

Hobo 1 has simple controls. Use arrow keys to move, press A to punch and S to kick with foot. However, the most intriguing are combinations that can be used via the same buttons, but in certain sequence. There are six different combos the most innocuous of them are spitting and belching. The rest of them you should see yourself. Besides that homeless Hobo is able to lift objects (bottles, trash cans) and throw them at people, to do so use A button.
Your enemies are regular passers by. Some of them are initially hostile towards you others on the contrary, will not pay attention to you and if possible will try to escape. You'll meet the punks, police officers, rastamans, housewives, scavengers, members of baseball team. All this diversity makes it really fun to play Hobo.
A very important thing about Hobo game is that as soon as your character dies, the game will have to start from the beginning and you will lose all your combos. Just as in old good days of 8 bit consoles.
Get ready for this super exciting games, be fierce ruthless and relentless to succeed. Learn all the combo attacks and you will be able to finish hobo game.

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