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Hobo 2

Hobo 2

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How to play

Hobo 2 Controls A, S is a blow. D - combo. Arrow keys - move, quickly press twice - run. P - pause, watch the combo.

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Hobo 2

Hobo 2 Prison Brawl is the second part of fighting game about a homeless guy who likes to have fun. This time the events of the game take place in prison. Our protagonist does not keep his cell clean, because of this he had a quarrel with his cellmate. And this is where the trouble begin.

Hobo game 2 - time to escape

Mutiny in the prison is the right chance to gain freedom. Now you have to escape from jail, on your way out, you will have to deal with other prisoners and guards. In the hallways and dining rooms you will have to fight them with chairs, garbage cans and some dirty tricks. As you advance to the exit you will be able to use a gun in Hobo game 2.

Hobo 2 is very specific game, few people would be able to eat and play this game at the same time. The atmosphere of the game is sort of disgusting. You will see green slime dripping from the pipes and dirty cells that are uninhabitable. Bastards and morons are the people you’d expect to face in jail. But our hero is way tougher than those guys. He humiliates his enemies in all possible ways as well as he has no mercy. There will be some tough guys on your way, but hobo has no fear. So basically you an ultimate tough one, who knows no fear and will have to teach all this scum a lesson in second part of hobo game.

Controls of Hobo 2 game

Control of Hobo 2 game are carried out completely on the keyboard. Move using the arrow keys. Press A and S to attack, press D to perform combo attacks. Press P - for pause and to check combo attacks. Opponents for some reason, always try to attack you from the back. So be careful, maneuver between enemies and protect your back. Keep your eyes open at all times.

Hobo 2 has cool graphics and animations. It is very fun to rush forward and to take down all the enemies. Play Hobo 2 to simply have rest from daily routine because it is a fun fighting game. And probably young kids shouldn’t play this game.

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