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Hobo 3

Hobo 3

: 2589

How to play

Hobo 3 Controls A, S - use, blow. D - combo. Arrow keys - move, quickly press twice - run. P - pause, watch the combo.

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Hobo 3

Due to the fact that our hero escaped from prison in second part of the game in Hobo 3 he is wanted. Now you need to help Hobo to fix his life. If you like fighting games you will definitely like this one.

Hobo game 3 is search of runaway

After escaping the prison Hobo decided to have rest near the dumpsters. But poor fellow was spotted by one of the cops, who wants him dead or alive. and so Hobo game 3 begins.

In a fight with police the protagonist wins. Now cops are mad and are constantly on his tail. Fortunately or unfortunately, our hero remained the same. he still loves violence and sometimes even attacks random pedestrians. Things are so serious that sometimes he even fights with local gangs. You shouldn’t miss this insane extravaganza that involves some fierce fighting on the streets.

Controls of Hobo 3 wanted

Controls of Hobo 3 wanted are carried out on the keyboard, which is very comfortable. To move use arrow keys. Press A and S for different kind of attacks, press D in addition to A and S to perform combo attacks. To pause and view all available combos to you use P button. On higher levels of Hobo 3 you will get to use pistols, shotguns and rifles. You will have to stay alert at all times, because even special forces are after you. You will have to be creative and quick during intense moments. And most of the time you will be attacked by groups of enemies.

Learn to quickly use combo attacks to deal with enemies. Without this it will be impossible to enjoy the process. Play Hobo 3 to simply relax and let the steam off, as our hero has a lot of dirty tricks that are really disgusting as well as he is wanted. This time you will turn the city upside down.

In Hobo game 3 the most unusual thing is its brutality. We would not recommend this game to children. But if you are old enough and tough enough you should definitely play this masterpiece.

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