Hobo 6 - fighting game where you can have loads of fun and where laws don’t apply
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Hobo 6

Hobo 6

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How to play

Hobo 6 Controls A, S - use, blow. D - combo. Arrow keys - move, quickly press twice - run. P - pause, watch the combo.

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hobo 6

Hobo 6 is another masterpiece about the homeless guy, who simply can not sit still, he always needs some adventures. And this time our friend without permanent residence came straight to hell...

In Hobo game 6 you will conquer hell

The events of the previous game ended in the UFO. Once the bum killed all the aliens, he was left alone on the UFO, but as you know there is no air in space, so he suffocated and died. And as long as he wasn’t quite a good and saintly person he ended up in hell.

And so the Hobo game 6 begins. Of course, this is not usual online entertainment. This game is full of violence and some things are not quite correct. The developers did not try to be tactful and courteous. They recreated the usual, stereotypical homeless with no manners and no standards of behavior. Therefore it is better not to let young children to play Hobo 6, but older children and adults can enjoy it.

Hobo 6 game will make you smile

All games in the series Hobo - is the realm of the absurd and pure entertainment, when the brain needs to rest, and my fingers to work. Hobo 6 game is a good anti-stress remedy with a pretty simple and sometimes weird humor. Do not take this game seriously.

Play Hobo 6 to enjoy its uniqueness and excitement, only this time you will have to fight all sorts of demons and sinners. They will not stand idle and will try to punish you for your misdeeds. All the arsenal of combo attacks is available if you press "P". Avoid direct conflict with the enemy, the best you can do is to approach them from the side, so your chances to win will increase. You have to show the devil who is the true lord of darkness, go and set the hell on fire.

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