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How to play

Rawr Controls Game is controlled by the mouse.

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Rawr is a flash game in which your task is to train fighting pets. Your pet is not usual due to genetic engineering. The city is full of creatures like your pet, which needs to take part in a lot of fights.

Take care of the pets Rawr game

You will have to take a really good care of your pet in Rawr game. This will include cooking healthy meals, recipes you can get from the chef. Some of those meals can improve your creature. You will also have to arrange fights and buy improvements. Development of physical abilities of your pet is crucial in this game. You can make really good money when fighting with boss.

The gameplay of Rawr online is built around the skills of your creature. You just need to develop them. During the fight you will see special icons on the screen, that will say “Damage", "Life" and "Special" pick two times icon of the same kind to apply that skill. Also there is a mini-game that tests your brain and reaction. After you win in mini game your hero will be able to apply super attack.

In the main menu you can buy cards of skills. There are two types of those cards, one kind in purposed for attacks and the other kind is purposed for defence. You can put those cards into slots, but you can only put one card per slot and use only one ability of the kind. There are also magic crystals that can be applied to those cards in order to increase their power. With many cool special effects, Rawr game looks very original.

It is pure pleasure to play Rawr, without a doubt a lot of you will love this game. Fans of the genre will be pleased to take part in a variety of fights. Strategic thinking and upgrades of the hero are two main criteria that influence the outcome of every fight in Rawr.

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