Strike Force Kitty Last Stand - amazing online adventure game
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Strike Force Kitty Last Stand

Strike Force Kitty Last Stand

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How to play

Strike Force Kitty Last Stand Controls Use mouse to play this game

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Strike Force Kitty 3 is the real deal

In the realm of the king of cats there is a castle, your squad is ready to defend it. The early waves of invaders will be weak. Kill raccoons and take their equipment, costumes in Strike Force Kitty 3 are even greater than before.

The key aspect of winning the game is to upgrade your characters. You can reach menu during the battle, it is in the lower right corner of the screen and is indicated by a portrait of the king. In the settings menu there is lot of information, it is important to understand it well.

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Strike Force Kitty 3 game is full of surprises

In the upper left corner you can see the number of fish collected in battle, it is used as currency in Strike Force Kitty 3 game. With it you can pay for all purchases. At the top of the screen there are avatars of members of your team, click on them to see their levels. The main part of the screen is the map of the castle and your team, the castle can be upgraded, you can add space for kittens defenders. The base consists of six kittens, they need to be dressed in captured costumes. Let Your cats look like your favorite characters from popular movies, cartoons and comics. Costumes give bonuses, they can be used to increase the percentage of damage, to improve protection and they can give your cats special powers. Remember archers and swordsmen need different costumes.

Strike Force Kitty Last fight

Your squad is locked, the enemies are approaching and ready to attack. The fight can go on its own: your cats will give fight to anyone who is going after the king. To attack, press button that looks like crossed swords on the bottom of the screen. Attack will be coming in waves and last attack in the game will be with the boss. Play and develop your characters and dress them the way you want.

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