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Kung Fu Panda: Enter the Dragon

Kung Fu Panda: Enter the Dragon

: 1575

How to play

Panda vs Dragon Controls Use arrow keys to play this game. Use mouse to shoot.

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Kung Fu Panda Enter the Dragon game is the continuation of the remarkable series of stories about panda who befell the mysteries of Kung Fu. This time he will have to fight with a huge reptile and win.

The legend says: "The demon Lord Ke-Pa’s powers were locked away by the sacred peach tree. But the tree could not hold him forever. And now Ke-Pa has regained his power." Dragon said - “You are all that stands in my way, Panda! But not for long.” Sounds somewhat menacing, isn’t it?

Master Shifu will teach you all the tricks of Kung Fu Panda Dragon game. Controls are carried out with the arrow keys. You must dodge fire attacks of Ke-Pa, and collect magic balls - Chi. When you have enough of those balls, you will fill up the peach tree powers to be able to fight back the dragon. If you get hit by the fire ball or you will fall of the cliff you lose and all the powers you have collected and of course you don’t die. But if the level of Chi is too low then Panda will die.

How to play Enter the Dragon Game

Once you have enough energy you can start attacking the dragon. Now master Shifu advises you to use mouse to shoot and arrows to dodge Ke-Pa’s attacks. You can defeat him only by learning to recognize his attacks in advance, you must outwit his agility The dragon has two ways to attack you: with his paws or with fire balls. You can avoid his attacks by jumping up. If you are on the right or left side of the enemy, he will use left or right leg, respectively. The hardest in Enter the Dragon game is to avoid double punch. But practice is the key to success.

In Kung Fu Panda vs Dragon will appeal to everyone: children and adults. You will be able to enjoy this game for hours.

Note: the game works perfectly fine, but there is one small glitch in the beginning, when you watch the story press SKIP in order to avoid game freezing. If you do forget to press SKIP just refresh the page.

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