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Strike Force Kitty League

Strike Force Kitty League

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How to play

Strike Force Kitty League Controls Use mouse to play this game

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Time For some fights on the arena

Fights for the forest championship are waiting for you this is not exactly a new story, so be sure to get acquainted with its origins. Strikeforce kitty 3 league is something extraordinary and unprecedented for this series. Our heroes, forest dwellers, decided to identify the strongest fighters. They discarded prejudice and hypocrisy, leaving no chance for various conspiracies. In the previous parts of the game, military operations did not stop for a minute, the siege of the castle and other tactical moves were pretty common activities for small animals. Now the ringleaders of the warring factions decided to find out who is the best in the conditions of the fighting arena. The whole stadium gathered to take a look at the exciting competitions. All the inhabitants of the forest became spectators of the league. This atmosphere promises to give the player an enchanting spectacle, positive emotions and good mood is guaranteed.

This Strike Force Kitty Game will surprise you

Help the kittens to deal with other forest dwellers. Raccoons and chanterelles are very dangerous opponents, it will not be easy to defeat them. The league consists of six teams, you should come up with a name for your team, and the guys who will join it will need names as well. After that, the first battle will take place, most likely it will be losing one for you. But do not despair, you should practice and overcome the rest of the brave fighters. Game Strike Force Kitty contains all the best from the past parts, and innovations will please not only the fans of the series, but also the most picky players.

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After the first battle you and your squad will be in an excellent training camp. Here you can improve the characteristics of all the soldiers that are part of your team. The tent for the night is surrounded by various simulators and shells to improve the physical shape. Punching bags should be used in cases where it is requires to increase the attack force. Two members of your team can box at the same time, this also applies to treadmills. To increase the speed of attack, and more specifically the frequency you need to use these simple devices. When kittens are running around with joy, such activities will certainly help in combat. The health of your wards can be increased with the help of dumbbells, sometimes you only need couple of heath points of one of your warriors to win. After heavy contests you need to have a good rest, the heroes of your squad are no exception. The doctor's tent and the doctor himself are in the upper right corner of the screen,all your team must regularly visit this place. The health of the fighters, who became patients is restored two times faster. In their spare time, wards eat and talk about their own stuff. The coach constantly monitors the learning process, so do not worry. All those interesting features make it very interesting to play strike force kitty 3.

Features of Strike Force Kitty 3

Now your victories are of special importance, positive results will bring the championship and the Goldfish Cup. In the training camp you will spend the majority of playing time, now the improvement of the characteristics will give you even more fun. Fish - the ingame currency, is rewards for winning. Spend the money earned in the store, so you will be able to improve the training conditions and achieve the desired results more quickly. Sacks should be strong, and dumbbells large. Make bunks comfortable, then treatment will be more beneficial. Games Strike Force Kitty: League, as before allow you to dress the heroes, the costumes will give them additional opportunities. You need to spend more than one successful season, then you will be able to collect the entire collection, and the heroes of the detachment will become invincible.

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