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3 Pandas In Brazil

3 Pandas In Brazil

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How to play

3 Pandas In Brazil Controls Use mouse to play this game

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3 Pandas In Brazil

3 Pandas Brazil is very original game

The story began when one mean poacher hunted down three lovely pandas, who happened to live on an island and then he decided to sell them. Said done, he captured them with a net and rushed to sell poor bears. But pandas are no joke! They were able to cut the ropes and escape, this is where 3 Pandas in Brazil game starts, now you must help the animals to return home! You’ll have to solve a series of puzzles in the game world. Try to find different buttons and levers on each level. Help pandas to move forward towards their home.

This game has beautiful cartoonish graphics and nice music. Check out the outskirts of the brazilian city and rural areas of this beautiful country. Join bear friends and travel hot South America in this game.

If you have any difficulty understanding the game, then watch 3 Pandas in Brazil walkthrough.

Features of Pandas in Brazil

To start the game you should press Play Now. We land on the page where our Pandas in Brazil dying from desire to start the game. We are looking for the Play button, after we press it we watch the storytelling video. After that we can start to play.

Don’t be shy to press pause button, because three Pandas In Brazil is a long game and you might get a little tired. If you press help button you will jump onto another website where you can read all the secrets of the game. Press “X” to exit the game.

In the main menu you can choose level that you have already played or start the game from the beginning. Now you are fully prepared to play 3 Pandas in Brazil, enjoy the game.

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