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3 Pandas 2 Night

3 Pandas 2 Night

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How to play

3 Pandas 2 Night Controls Use mouse

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3 pandas 2 is the island on which the events of the first part took place was not shown in full, our heroes stayed on it right until the night. The adventure continues, again you need to help the little pandas. Show your wits and overcome all obstacles in the way of cubs. You will need to think logically and turn on your mindfulness, this time the tasks will be even more difficult, but you can not do without easy training missions. Spend your time with three black and white teddy bears, it will do you good and bring a lot of positive emotions.

3 Pandas 2 Night is awesome

Aboriginal people did not like pandas in the first part, people managed to attack the bear cubs and organize a chase. Our heroes from despair rushed from the cliff, they fell into the arms of a mountain stream and miraculously survived. Help the kids wake up and continue their path to salvation. It will be an excellent adventure and it will last till the morning! Night landscapes of the wild island will be brightened by the moonlight, you will have a wonderful sight. But do not relax the uncharted jungle is full of secrets and dangers. But our inseparable pandas are together, so they are not afraid at all.

3 Pandas 2 Night3 Pandas 23 pandas night game

The 3 pandas 2 game has prepared a new puzzle for you. Today's adventure will reveal more than one secret, because the actions take place in the most ancient city. You will begin to meet prehistoric drawings on the walls already on the second level, you will also have to open the doors from those times. To do this, you need to understand and activate complex mechanisms. The levers for opening the door are disguised as inedible mushrooms. At the third level, with the help of such a mushroom, you need to raise the platform and thereby create a bridge, this structure will allow to continue the path. On the mushroom from the third level you need to bring down the stone, this will help the slingshot and apples. Take an accurate shot at the target and you will be able to knock the stone into the right place. The next task will be feeding the platypus he really wants to eat the fruits from the tree, but there is no way to break them. Help the bears to throw a small panda to the winch with its help you can hook the coveted fruit and deliver it to the platypus. Kids will continue the journey, but soon they will meet again with local residents.

Features of the 3 pandas 2 night

Do you also like night walks? Then join the heroes of the three pandas 2 and you will not regret! With the help of your mind you need to deal with various difficulties, be dexterous and inconspicuous. Do not let the natives catch our black and white cubs, they just really want to walk and have fun! Use the skills of each of the team members to bring them to their destination, in this case you will get through all levels and see the dawn. You will meet with carnivorous plants and a huge gorilla, a dungeon with constant collapses and even a flight on the balloon! Such adventures will be remembered forever!

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