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Monkey go Happy 6

Monkey go Happy 6

: 2979

How to play

Monkey go Happy 6 Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Monkey Go Happy 6 is the last, longest and most fascinating part of the famous series. In each episode our heroes are being replenished with new characters, now there are six of them, they all are without mood. Pass the levels one by one and increase the mood of the kids. Even starting the game is not so easy, the play button has split into two parts. Connect the tablet and start an incredible adventure! Sixteen levels are waiting for you, but before you start you need to make a choice of headgear for the characters. These are some ordinary but very cute hats. There are completely absurd options, try on a TV or a cock. It is all in your hands.

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Play Monkey go Happy 6 if you are a fan of the series! The final part of the games is numbered. Other adventures of our friends have different names, each of them is devoted to a certain theme. Say goodbye to the traditional Monkey Go Happy games.

monkey go happy 6monkey go happy 6 gamesplay monkey go happy 6

The first level already makes you focus on the task run the fish into the pool. At the second level you need to unravel the encrypted symbols and release the dragon from captivity! Make everyone work in local boiler room monkeys are very cold. This level can be finished if only you destroy the boiler! Throw coal with a shovel directly into the boiler, the amount of coal should exceed the norm.

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Monkey Go Happy fans will not ask unnecessary questions. The rest of the players should try other games from the series. There are no analogues and competitors to this game. All parts are met with warm welcoming by its fans! Color the billboard, create a happy logo! Wake up the bear in the den and feed it with honey. Work on the farm, become a real bloodhound, be harmful or useful! Just follow the instructions of the monkeys. Mini games in mini games are not the first time I will please you, the constant change of genres will not let you get used to and develop a permanent strategy. The brain must work at high speeds, but one should not forget about the fine motor skills and its importance. Be as alert and active as possible, then the victory will not keep you waiting. Get the benefit and pleasure, it is very difficult to find a more suitable baby application.

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