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Monkey Go Happy 5 ControlsUse mouse to play this game.

Monkey Go Happy 5

Very cool free game for kids

Play Monkey Go Happy 5 even if you are not a kid. Funny graphics and animation can not leave a single person indifferent. Help the monkeys do whatever they want. Not everyone will be able to pass the hardest levels.

Now you have a choice of the main character, it does not change anything, many players do not even notice such an opportunity! In the first task you need to catch a crocodile on a chicken a cool mission it is not demanding and will not make you think long. The second level begins with the destroyed mine, get dynamite and destroy the blockages at the exit. The third mission is no longer quite simple. You need to break up the dishes with sweets and count their number, the resulting figure is the code to the lock. In the hiding place there are musical plates. Get the plate and try to reproduce it. Stitch the street painter with a portrait of a passerby. First you need to distract the master, then draw on the canvas huge ears. Help the driver find the car keys, they are lost in the city sewer. Create a device with a magnet and ropes and deftly get the loss. Try to light the fire in the tomb. Work in space with modern technology, you need to understand the principle of a complex electrical appliance. Turn a normal old woman into a real witch, smudge the sheets in the smoke! You will have something to do, time will be very fun and leave pleasant memories from playing Monkey go happy 5 game.

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Enjoy monkey game online

In Monkey Go Happy 5 game time flies imperceptibly. A huge number of levels, an original idea and constant change of locations all this attracts young gamers! Work with your hands and head. Even dexterity in some cases plays the most important role. To search for certain items you need to be very careful without patience playing will be generally unpleasant. It's nice to solve all the tasks and achieve your goals!