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Monkey go Happy 4 ControlsUse mouse.

Monkey go Happy 4

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Monkey go happy 4 game surprises its fans with cool assignments and original stories. Unpredictable levels will not let you relax. The game completely captures the gamer, you can not be distracted!

The first level begins at the station, skip the fast train! The second level is also not difficult, take the broom behind the fence and scatter bunch of leaves. The third level is radically different, here you will find a long chain of actions. Ask for a basket, it is for the residents of the house only. Collect the apples and give the harvest to the owners. People will please our heroes, take a fresh and delicious apple pie from the window sill! Create the effigy and scare the ravens away. Everything necessary for this is on the bed sticks, pumpkin, sack and rake. The next level will be associated with finding items, find batteries for the robot and then run it! Play a videogame with the kids, earn one thousand points for finishing the game.

Monkey go Happy 4Monkey go Happy 4 onlineplay Monkey go Happy 4

Monkey go happy marathon 4 is for everyone

Games within mini games can sometimes be very good. Make a crosswalk on the roadway, then our happy monkeys can continue their journey. Use the catapult and destroy the castle on the hill, our heroes will not stop from their delight. Fight off the attack of evil space robots, defend the base! You will be provided with cool weapons! You need to break a steep protection system! Collect puzzles, Egyptian motifs and God of primates. Interactive responsiveness of many subjects creates long sequence of actions. All found items must be used, each has its own purpose. The last level is demanding an extraordinary savvy, the walkthrough takes most of the time spent on the game.

The Happy Monkey 4 is not always easy to play. But this entertainment is worth trying for people of any age! Those who did not manage to find solutions to the tasks on all of the levels should just try harder. Make the heroes happy and the monkeys will be infinitely grateful to you. Cheerful leisure and useful tasks, what could be better?