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Monkey go Happy

Monkey go Happy

: 2636

How to play

Monkey go Happy Controls Use mouse.

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Are you ready to think a little bit and at the same time to have some fun? In addition, you can check your own reaction and sharpness as a whole. Original tasks will not leave you indifferent.

Monkey Go Happy Part 1

Happy Monkey is very cool and unique in its genre. You will have to accurately shoot, throw and move things in some tasks. In other missions it is necessary not to hurry, but to demonstrate endurance and patience. So it is a diverse game.

Monkey go Happy Monkey go Happy 1monkey go Happy games

The first task in Monkey go Happy 1 will require some sharpness from you, the picture with tears of the monkey speeds up the work of the brain. Coconut palm and a sharp knife, can you catch the connection? Try to knock down the food from the tree, and then use the knife to open the fruit. This will cause complete enthusiasm of the main character, and monkey will react like that at the end of each level. The second level has prepared fireworks for you and the lucky one! You need to light up the fuse with matches, all the things you need can be seen on the game screen. First levels do not contain difficult missions. On the third level you have to prove yourself in duck shooting, shooting range is a great place. Take the gun and win a prize for the cute protagonist. Demonstrate your skills in playing virtual bowling. The monkey is waiting for the strike! At home, our character wants to watch TV! Take the clicker and find the channel with the chimpanzee, it raises the mood. On the next level you will find a machine with toys, get a cute plush toy from the container. You do not need a bear and the rabbit will not make anyone happy either. Get a plush copy of our beloved baby! Practice shooting with a cannon. You need to charge the core and choose the flight path for it. You need to hit the target, you can do it the first time, set the gun to the maximum distance.

Play this game for free

Play Monkey Go Happy games on our website for free. A variety of tasks will please all sort of gamers. Interactive levels are distinguished by their responsiveness. Different objects themselves will push you to the right actions. Collect the mushrooms, look for the way out of the maze, put together the puzzle. You will need to build a working mechanism, with its help you will need to deliver the ball from one point to another. There are tasks without pressure on your brain, but you need to be careful and not to break simple rules. Everyone will find interesting moments for themselves, it is worth a try!

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