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Monkey go Happy 2 ControlsUse mouse.

Monkey go Happy 2

Monkeys’ desires are incredibly diverse, you will not have time to get used to the tempo and atmosphere of this game. The strategy needs to be invented on the go!

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Monkey Go Happy 2 Game offers you to help the main characters. It's funny and very useful! Not all levels can be passed quickly, in some situations only heavy efforts can ensure further passage. Other cases require quick response!

On the first level, you need to lift the balloon into the air, there is nothing complicated in this task, obvious actions will lead to victory. The second level will show let monkeys to destroy the snowman, they will be really pleased. Not all the desires of the kids are positive and kind! Perhaps the third level will not start in vain in prison, but you need to get out of it! Here you might have your first difficulties, they are far from last though, but it is worth to continue. Wet the scarf in the fuel, it is spilled next to the hero. Wrap the scarf on the nearby torch, the spark can be obtained with the help of stones, they are also on the floor. The next episode begins in the slot machine hall. It is necessary to win the Space Arcade. In the next level remember these words: Eggplant, Pineapple, Strawberries they need to be obtained as a result of working with the rebuses. The level with the secret room will be very difficult, you need to find a hiding place. The code from safe is behind the central picture, open it with a password. You can see the password on the mirror, how can you see it? It is necessary to mix hot and cold water to get condensation, the symbols will appear on the glass.

Monkey go Happy 2Monkey go Happy 2 gameplay Monkey go Happy 2

Happy Monkey 2 is fun to play

Monkey go Happy 2 will please everyone! Fans of the series will be able to recall the game that managed to become a real hit in online gaming! Help the heroes to build and launch a ship. Disperse the clouds over the kids! Just click on each cloud and everything will be alright, the sun will be the main one in the sky! Look for treasures in the American desert, you can make little monkeys happy, make a long chain of actions to win. You will have to use a metal detector and a shovel. Great adventures are waiting for you, do not miss the opportunity to spend your free time with a lot of fun.