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Explore Ponyville

Explore Ponyville

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How to play

Explore Ponyville Game Controls Use arrow keys to play this game

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I bet all of you always dreamt of meeting your favourite little ponies in their habitat, now you have this magic opportunity. So don’t wait any longer and go right ahead.

Ponyville has a lot to show

At the beginning of the mlp Ponyville you will meet familiar characters of the animated series My Little Pony. Each of them opens up a lot of new things, and to see all the glory of Ponyville play all the ponies. Rainbow Dash will show you Cloud Castle and you help her to disperse the clouds.

SparkleRarityponyville gamepony rarityPonky Pie

Together with Applejack visit the apple farm, there is an interesting job waiting on you. Participate in the game where you need to throw a horseshoe on a peg in the ground. You throw from a short distance, but it is not likely to win from the first try. You will also have to cook and take care of the ponies. There is an opportunity to pick up clothes.

Ponyville game is very beautiful and colorful

Excellent graphics of ponyville game will please fans of the animated series. There are a lot of objects to interact. By clicking on them, you can make a lot of interesting things. Feed the ducks on the lake or arrange books on the shelf in alphabetical order. Fluttershy lives with a rabbit, mouse and a bird, they are very funny and cute. You can write a letter to Princess Celestia and she will respond to you. Sparkle loves to read, read before going to bed together.

mlp Ponyville for die hard fans

This is your chance to explore Ponyville game and get to know interesting facts about your favorite ponies. This game is a kind of tour in which you can not only observe, but also participate. Explore the the city, it might take a little time. Each pony has a home, visit them and you will fall in love with Ponyville.

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