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Pony Creator 3

Pony Creator 3

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How to play

Pony Creator 3 Controls Use mouse

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In Pony Creator 3 screen initially is divided into two parts. Pony is displayed on the right part of the screen, you can adjust size with help of zoom. To change the location or position of the horse, use the menu at the top. The left part of the screen consists of multi-purpose designer tools These are basics of mlp creator.

How does MLP creator work

Create section allows you to fully customize the appearance of a little pony. In the column named body you can determine height, weight, and shape of the future of beauty. Then choose the legs, hoofs and colors that you prefer. Then comes head, here you can change faces. Think what kind of eyes you want for your pony, pick the best smile and choose the ears. If you want you can add a horn and freckles that make your pony even more original. Hairstyle and tail, can be chosen in the hair section.

create pony 3 pony creator 3 Pony Creator 3 MLP

Create your own pony 3 is fun

Create a pony game has more stuff to offer, there is a possibility to choose stylish clothes and accessories. There is a accessories section for this purpose. A lot of beautiful and very interesting things can be found in subcategories of this section. You have to choose between different sunglasses, raincoats and jackets and you can change their colors to create truly wonderful styles. Horns have vast variety of choices and the number of bracelets is impressive. Don’t stop experimenting so you can an absolutely unique character.

Game mlp for girls

The final section of the game mlp is called Finish and it is designed to save the result. Choose the most suitable background that fits the appearance you’ve created. Set the position for the pony during a snapshot and determine which will pony look. You can that beauty look right at you. To finish use the camera icon in the upper right corner. Create ponies and share them with your friends. MLP game is a great way to spend your time.

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