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Pony Creator 2

Pony Creator 2

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How to play

Pony creator 2 Controls Use mouse to play this game

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Increase in the number of possible functions in comparison with the first part is simply impossible not to notice. All the sections of the game are expanded and divided into subcategories. This definitely gives you broader functionalities and opportunities to express yourself.

What is new in Mlp creator game 2

The Mlp creator game screen is traditionally looks like a canvas with a pony on it. Now you can choose what the background will look like and you still have the opportunity to drag little ponies around the screen. On the top left side of the screen there are buttons, which you are about to examine in full in this lovely game.

Pony creator 2 gamepony creator 2Pony creator 2 play

What is create a pony mlp about

Menu in create a pony mlp includes the most important things which are: Create, Accessorize and Pose. Create is responsible for the creation of a body, you can determine the weight, height and shape. In this section you can also find eyes and smile that will fit your pony. Choose her hairstyle and color of her hair. The second section of menu is filled with clothes and ornaments for your beauty. Shoes, hats, accessories and wearable items are available in this menu section and you only need to make the right choice. Make the perfect appearance using the above functions. Now you can save your creation on your computer. Then you can choose a position for your cute pony in the picture. And the third section brings radical changes to the picture. Your pony can be on the move or in stand still, proud or depressed. It is all limited only with your imagination.

Pony creator always has something new

Bring your ideas to life in this beautiful game. Share your work with friends and family. Make a unique pony in mlp creator game while having fun. The game by itself is a masterpiece but despite that it is always fun to share or exchange results with family and friend. Showing each other outstanding designs and unusual solutions. Do all this with this incredible game.

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