My Little Pony Travel
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My Little Pony Travel

My Little Pony Travel

: 1038

How to play

A, Z, arrows - movement.

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My Little Pony Travel - Great trip of your favorite cartoon characters. Friendship is a Miracle! Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy set off on an interesting adventure, you should help the heroines get to the end of each level. Sky blue pony with rainbow mane and tail will make the company another star of the animated series. The resident of the Evergreen Forest will be under your control. Try to pass all the tests that are presented in this game. The first player will get a more nimble and mobile Rainbow Dash, use the up and down arrows to control. Use the keyboard buttons to control less agile and nimble Fluttershy. You need to collect apples and try not to touch the branches of trees. Hand made fences will interfere with ground movement. A resident of an evergreen forest can run along the ground and fly over barriers. Get acquainted with the subtleties of the passage and show a good result, it will bring you a lot of positive emotions and good mood.

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