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How to play

2048 Controls Keyboard control - arrow keys.

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2048 game

2048 - this is one of the most popular puzzle games. Interesting fact is that this game was created only recently, namely in 2014. But it gained its popularity in a matter of seconds. It is often compared to the sensational Flappy Bird.

How to play 2048

Let’s look at the rules on how to play 2048: with every new turn you can randomly get a tile with 2 (with a probability of 90%) or 4 (with a probability of 10%). Press arrow keys to move all the tiles to one of 4 sides. When two tiles of the same denomination collide they become one tile, which is the sum of the face value of both tiles that collided. After each turn on empty space randomly appears tile with face value of 2 or 4. If the tiles didn’t move after you pressed the arrow key it means there was no turn made. This happens if tiles are already touching the side of the of the grid you are trying to make move to. The game ends when you failed to create 2048 tile and there are no empty spaces left. So as you can see it is quite easy to play 2048.

The history of 2048 puzzle

2048 puzzle was created by an Italian designer Gabriele Cerulli, in only two days, to test his own knowledge of programming. It is basically a clone of games called 1024, and Three, but for some reason it managed to really outshine them and to gain world-wide popularity within days. It was posted on Google Play and App Store as free download. Within only first week 2048 was downloaded over 1 million times and received multiple positive reviews. If Gabriele didn’t make it free for his game 2048 he would make millions of dollars by now.

It is always fun to play 2048 online

Any logic game has a positive effect on the development of thinking, and 2048 also strengthens the basic knowledge in mathematics. Now you can play 2048 online for free, it is quite simple, but very difficult to win, although it isn’t possible. Let’s make a deal don’t try to jump above yourself, first try to make a tile 256 on it and we will consider your first small victory.

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