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Sushi Cat 2

Sushi Cat 2

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How to play

Sushi Cat 2 Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Sushi Cat 2 is a wonderful logic game for all fans of the genre. Where does the Sushi Cat live? Of course in Tokyo. The eastern city is covered in sushi and this is what our hero really likes. Our hero went to the store and tried to make some purchases. The evil dog stole a soft toy from our hero. It's time to take revenge on the villain and return everything to its places and it is impossible without beloved pink toy. On his way the hero constantly faces difficulties, all of them are related to the size of the protagonist, he is just a very small size. Purchases from the top shelf are not accessible, you can not press the elevator button even while standing on your tiptoes. Our hero needs to eat more, you must help him with this. Solve the tasks of a cool mini-game with a logical bias. Go with our cat to the most profitable places.

Sushi cat 2 online is the real deal

Sushi Cat 2 Game is a pretty cool continuation of the story with your favorite hero new adventures, great locations and a lot of cool innovations.

Sushi cat 2Sushi cat 2 gameSushi Cat 2 Online

The main task of the game is to feed the cat. In the left corner of the screen there is a scale that is filled with food. All the food that was caught on the way to the box, falls into the scale. The volume of food must fill the entire scale. Then you will be allowed to enter the next level. Eat bonuses, in this case you can have fun. Try to take all the goodies without even touching them. After activating the bonus, you will have 5 seconds, during this time you need to click on the maximum number of items on the screen. Eat all at once if you have a good reaction, this outcome is quite real.

Really fun sushi game online

Children or adults it doesn’t matter, anyone can Play sushi 2 cat. The very principle of winning will be clear after the first time the character will enter the box. Follow the development of events, feed the poor fellow before meeting with the malicious dog. It is necessary to return the stolen thing. Do not stay hungry, ever! Hungry hero means you will have to restart the level. Try the first part of this beautiful game and expect a third one at some point. The huge blue ball at the end of each left, excellent graphics and animation make this process very touching. See for yourself! Attention! Be careful, people on the diet in should not watch or play this game. Sushi cat part 2 might cause severe hunger and strong appetite.

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