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Sushi cat

Sushi cat

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How to play

Sushi cat game controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Sushi cat

Sushi Cat Games are very interesting and cute

The story of Sushi Cat game begins when the main hero falls in love with a beautiful cat that he sees inside of a restaurant. But he has couple of issues he is rather inclined to obesity and in order to enter the restaurant he needs to eat a lot of sushi. As the owner bets him that condition.

Be ready to play sushi cat on 15 very interesting level. They all are quite different but rather entertaining. Your main task will be eating as many tasty sushi treats as possible. You will have only couple of attempts in order to eat all that amount of food, but if you fail to get the necessary amount food you will fail and you will have to start the game from the very beginning.

The exact amount of remaining sushi is shown at the top of the game window on the right side. On the left, there are attempts and an indicator that determines how much sushi the cat has just eaten.

Please do not forget to feed the cat

On his way the cat will encounter various obstacles, which will bounce him all over the restaurant and this will make it more difficult to calculate the trajectory of flight of sushi and you will not be able to easily determine where the food will land. The first five levels will not be difficult to pass. But expect a huge number of repeated attempts, because Sushi cat online will become much harder to play later in the game. Sometimes you will come across a special bonus, with which you will have an extra attempt or a full stomach. At the end of the game, you will see the summary of points earned and of sushi that haven’t been eaten.

After passing the first level, the cat will understand that while he was playing, his chosen one was taken away by car. To go after her, he needs three Yen to travel by bus. And the only way to earn that money is to play with the Japanese gut and to win this amount.

Sushi cat will definitely appeal to fans of Asian cuisine, especially in our time when these Japanese dishes became so popular. Cat lover can relate as well. Enjoy a positive game for free.

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