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Avie: Christmas Style

Avie: Christmas Style

: 3042

How to play

Avie Christmas Style Controls Use mouse to play this game

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Christmas is the most charming time of the year. But what happens when you combine it with shopping? Exactly what any girl likes. Enjoy this game with friends and family.

Avie Christmas is an interesting game for girls

Avie: Christmas style

At the beginning of Avie: Christmas style you need to dress up Avie after spa treatments. Then Everett will invite you to the market to accompany him with his Christmas shopping, where you will have to pick up listed Christmas items and win a prizes. It is quite easy, on the shelves there are different objects, you need to choose only those in the list below. If you can not find the right one, you can click on the hint.

Grace is in charge of fashion for animals. Since it is winter and it is cold now, you need to dress your four-legged friends, without repeating their outfits and get a reward for your efforts. The easiest way is to take each time a new animal: dog, cat, raccoon, lynx or tiger and pick them clothes of different colors and patterns.

Gwen has her own houseware store. You will need to help her arrange teapots, cups, candlesticks, glasses, napkins and of course get a prize for it. In total there are 12 cards with 6 item variations. First you need to remember location of each object and then you will need to match them. So your goal is to match all 6 pairs of objects.

Gabriella is the owner of the boutique, but she ran out of ideas for designs of dresses, so you will have time to become a fashion designer and create your own unique outfits, it is time for Christmas style. As always you can expect a reward at the end of this challenge. And also you can keep the dress you have created.

As in previous games, you have the opportunity to receive prizes for spa procedures performed at your home, you just have to switch combinations of various items each time.

The atmosphere of Christmas style

Now in Avie Christmas style there is a kiosk with your trophies available to visit, where you can track your progress. Also you can visit cafe, bookstore, lake and of course the Christmas tree where you can invite your friends, take great photo with them and simply have good time.

Each prize gives you an opportunity to improve main hero of the game. You will receive different hairstyles, dresses and other cool stuff. So work hard on your achievements. Have a great Christmas and don’t forget to watch Avie Christmas style walkthrough.

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