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Avie: My pretty Avatar

Avie: My pretty Avatar

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How to play

Avie: My pretty Avatar Controls Use mouse to play this game

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Avie: My pretty Avatar

Avie Avatar is girls’ favorite game

You have to prepare the main character of the games for girls for casual occasion. But this is not so easy. You will have to “win” different hairstyles, makeup and clothes, by taking part in different challenges and getting prizes for them. This is what makes the game so interesting, because you never know what kind of prize you will receive.

At the beginning of Avie Avatar you will be at home, where you have five rooms. Start preparing to go out to the city, begin from best spa or shower, where you can take care of Avie’s skin and get a gift for her. After the shower, you will be offered to go to the next room, where you can choose hairstyles. In the dressing room, you can choose suitable outfits for your character and change their colors and patterns. The room where you can apply make-up is one of the most important. There is a mirror and all you need for makeup: mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, eye shadows etc. Also here you can and remove makeup. In one of the rooms you can put the perfume on Avie and pick up accessories for her. After all those preparation it is finally possible to get out to the city. You can get to the city on your own pink car.

Places of interest in Avie My Avatar

In the city where Avie My Avatar lives, there are five places where you will be able to complete all the challenges: spa - at your home (prize for beauty treatments), conservatory (you need to repeat melody on the piano), wok and sushi (pick up the ingredients for sushi by moving them around), Ship (catch sea treasures), library (match pictures). Choose the place that you like and go there to hang out or to take pictures.

During Avie avatar game, you can take different pictures to track the changes in the game. Do not forget to follow tips and to watch Avie: My pretty Avatar walkthrough!

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