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Avie: Halloween style

Avie: Halloween style

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How to play

Avie Halloween style Game Controls Use mouse to play this game

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The spooky season is here and there is not a single reason to be unhappy. On the opposite it is time for new exciting adventures.

Avie Halloween for the most daring

Avie: Halloween style

As usual our hero has spa salon, rooms for makeup, hairstyle and accessories, as well as a dressing room in her house. Spa treatments takes place in the bathroom. Thanks to the special small bottles, you can change the color of the Avie’s skin.Our heroine will be able to enjoy bath treatments and talk on the phone. At the end you will be rewarded and will receive, for example the magazine with a new hairstyle. You can drive around the city or visit friends. Together you will find some fun stuff to do. Initially, you will not have access to all places on the map of Avie Halloween style, they will open as you accomplish your tasks.

What's new in Avie Halloween game

Everett makes potions in the laboratory and he certainly needs your help. To help him go to the laboratory click on puzzle button and play mini game. It is necessary to find all necessary ingredients for potion from the list provided. For accomplishment of this task you will receive a prize. Soon you will remember where all the objects and will collecting them will be very easy. If you have any difficulties you can use a hint.

In autumn series of Avie Halloween style, Gwen bought a nail salon. Design your own nails and still get a reward for this. Make sure every manicure is different or you will lose your prize.

Gabriella now owns store of designer hats and without you she can not come up with new ideas for creating hats. Visit her store and show your design skills.

Grace is now the mistress of candy store. But her store is a mess, you need to sort all the candies. Line up 3 candies of the same kind in a row (vertically or horizontally) to put everything in order. You can change candies’ places.

Play Avie Halloween

By clicking on Avie's or any of her friends’ face, you can change the emotions and the direction of gaze and by clicking on the body you can zoom in or out.

Halloween style gives you a lot of leisure possibilities and only you choose what to do. Go with friends to the park and take a lot of pictures, help someone with their job and receive a gift or to stay at home and try on different clothes and makeups - the choice is yours. Check out Avie Halloween style walkthrough.

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