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Pirates vs Undead

Pirates vs Undead

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How to play

Pirates vs Undead Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Pirates vs Zombies is an excellent strategy game, you should not miss it! The confrontation between the two factions is very unusual, but in online, virtual world there is nothing impossible. In search of profit the sea wolves used a map and the document brought our travelers to an ominous island. This bad place was a territory of evil spirits, pirates faced a really "cold welcome". Luckily they had some rum and gunpowder! Dead men and sorcerers, werewolves and skeletons, ghosts and other evil spirits will meet sailors on the shore of this island.

Strategy game about pirates and zombies!

Pirates Vs Undead game is for real the real fans of the strategy genre! The diversity of applications in this category is just impressive. So what are their main differences? This particular game does not let you to construct and develop any kind of resource. Pirates are not concerned of things of that nature, today we will study the strategy of battle. Like in a chess game, you need to manage the figures in this case they are our heroes. In other games you could manage the units and only occasionally create generals. In our case, we have only heroes, but we need to clearly differentiate them in the hierarchy. Each of them has his own capabilities, dignity and vulnerabilities. You need to understand all the nuances while appointing the soldiers in the battle. Then expenses will not exceed the income. Pirate goes into a battle because of greed. You need to understand the importance of accounting in this case.

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The combat system may seem primitive, but it is quite the opposite. After passing several levels, you will want to pass them again, this feeling may appear due to the understanding that on those previous levels you could have earned more money and done something better. All this allows you to buy fighters of new types and quickly pass the levels with better results.

Let’s have a look at all the fighters

It is not easy to play Pirates Vs Undead! You need to get to know all the team members. On the screen with the map click on the button that says "Recruit", in the upper left corner of the screen. You will see the entire list of units.

The diversity of units is simply impressive there can be a lot of different strategic combinations. A lot of practice will make you eventually understand what you need to do. Each hero has his own purpose.

The battle system, tactics and bonuses

The fight goes in a lot of different directions, you need determine which pirate will do what against which enemy. Don’t forget to collect coins and rum. Alcohol will increase combat ability and speed of movement. You can put a barrel of gunpowder in front of the enemy no one will survive the blast. Collect coins to open locked soldiers. Find the treasure and instantly become rich. You can play for free and without registration. You do not need to download anything either. We wish you a pleasant game and smart strategic decisions in this pirate game.

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