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Zombie Cats

Zombie Cats

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How to play

Zombie Cats Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Zombie Cats

Zombie Cats - genius logic game

In this story you will control a brave and fearless dog, which is called to save the city from the plague of the cat's apocalypse. The dog does not know fear, but it is still vulnerable to the bites of the dead. Therefore it is necessary to avoid contact with patients at all costs, since they are deadly for you. Try to catch the course of events in the game, you need to monitor everything that is on the location. Attention will help you to find the right objects, when you use them you can stop the bulk of enemies and stay alive. Some levels give more time to pass then and the end will come only after contact with the patients. But there are those levels where you’d better rush yourself a bit. In those levels there will be a timer on the top on the screen, follow the time and try to make it before it is too late.

Zombie cats online refers to logic games and escape genre. That is, the task of the game is to find the answers that will help you move to the next level. Most items on the level are interactive and they can be used. Action on one object can become a clue to action over another object. Your task is to move from level to level avoiding contact with walking dead. Sometimes you will need to look for a hint for a while, since enemies do not hesitate to bite you. Also in the game there is a built-in clicks counter. The less the better, so try not to click on items that are obviously not suitable. In the game, everything is quite logical and there is nothing supernatural other than zombie kitties.

Play zombie cats as it is really fun

This game will please both adults and children. Of course, the smallest players might face some difficulties in Zombies cats, but for children aged 10 and older this game will even be very useful. Quick thinking and critical decisions within short period of time is something you might need to learn to do.

This game will help your child develop logic and will affect the performance of reaction in general. Excellent graphics and animation will help you to get pleasure from entertainment and aesthetic! The interactive world hasn’t been so pleasant and sympathetic yet - try not to die and fulfill the mission of the dog!

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