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Winx coloring pages

Winx coloring pages

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How to play

Winx coloring pages Use mouse to play this game

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I don’t know about you but I love coloring pages, as much as I love games about coloring. But among them I think that the best are those that have my favourite heroes in it. And this game is exactly the one, it is impossible to resist.

Winx coloring - create your own fairy

You can change completely everything: skin color, eyes, hair, clothes and accessories. The controls of the game are very simple. You are provided with a palette, as well as six pictures according to the main characters of the animated series. Winx colouring like Bloom, Layla, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Stella to match the colors in the picture.

Bloom coloring pages Coloring Stella Coloring flora

As we know, Bloom has red hair and blue eyes, Leila is dark, blue-eyed fairy with brown hair, Flora is also a suntanned girl, blond and green-eyed. Musa has violet hair and eyes. As for Stella she is blonde with brown eyes. Tecna also has very unusual hair color, which is purple and turquoise eyes. This is what winx coloring games are like. But you know what? You don’t have to follows those rules, you can experiment here all you want. So change the looks of your favourite Fairies.

Play and have all the fun

You can experiment and come up with your own looks for the girls. However, the colors you have are limited to 84. At the end of the coloring winx game you can print the image by clicking on Stampa (if you have a printer, of course).

Overall Winx colouring games are fairly good, though they lack some features, but image quality is good. So go ahead to This incredible game, it will totally rock your world. We wish you a great game and don’t forget to show results to your friends and family.

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