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Flora Believix

Flora Believix

: 2965

How to play

Flora Believix Game Controls Use arrow keys to play this game

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Winx Club has a new surprise for its little fiends, new game with old beloved hero, who needs some of your help.

Winx Club Flora Believix

Flora Winx Club can not achieve her plants from the ground, you need to take off and look for them in the sky. There are many dangers waiting for the fairy and without your help will she fail.

flora believixWinx Floraflora winx club

You need energy to fly, power indicator is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. The energy is constantly decreasing, you need to pick up magic nectar so that Flora does not fall. There are small and large droplets, they add different amounts of energy. Look at the right side of the screen again, there you can find points earned and your goal.

Flora Winx Club

The controls in winx club Flora Believix are rather simple, use arrow keys. To fly press arrow up. Maneuver with the help of arrows right and left. In the sky you have to avoid different obstacles. Flying in the clouds is very exhausting, also beware of flying beetles. If you didn’t save enough energy and winx Flora Believix fell on the ground, you will have to start from the very first level. So do your best and avoid clouds and bugs at all costs.

Winx Believix game to enjoy

Perhaps you have not met this fairy yet, then it is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted. In addition to this, together you will face some challenges. This game is very interesting and exciting. Go through the levels one by one and have fun. Don’t stop and show your unbelievable skills.

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