Dots - logic game that brings a lot of fun.
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How to play

Dots Controls Game is controlled by the mouse.

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Dots game

Dots is a logic game with simple interface and simple rules. But it is indeed a very good exercise for your brain, which helps to develop and improve your logical thinking. This game is ideal if two players of you're bored.

Connect the dots is an excellent brain training

Let's define what a puzzle game is. The logical conclusion is knowledge and ability to apply the laws of cognitive activity in certain tasks, based on the expertise already available from similar situations. Accordingly, in a logical games you are solving puzzles based on your experience.

What is remarkable in connect the dots? Firstly, you can play against the computer and secondly, you can play with your friends, because the game has a mode for two players. So it is ideal if you have company. Rules of the game are quite simple. Each player takes a turn. Your task is to create a square of four adjacent points. In one turn, you can put a line connecting the two points. So to build a square you will need four turns. The player who puts the last line to complete the square, receives one point, and gets an extra turn to join the dots. So the player who creates a square, has the chance to create more than one square per turn, and gets more points. The square is painted in the color of the player who created it. So you have to connect the dots so that your opponent could not finish a square, or in a single turn he could create the minimum number of squares. If you get the turn when you can create a square, try to choose the spot on the board where you can make maximum amount of squares.

Dots game is pure fun

Dots game will make you think. As a rule untrained person is not immediately able to beat the computer, but who knows, maybe you will succeed on the first try. Follow the rules described above, think before taking a step and enjoy the game. And of course do not forget to invite your friends to join the dots together.

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